This brilliant interview with the very wise Lori Adorable, a sex worker and sex worker rights advocate, is great reading not only for those in the sex worker rights movement but also for those supporting the Swedish model.

Ruth Jacobs

Lori AdorableWhy are sex worker rights important to you?

Obviously a good amount of it is self-interest. My job is hard enough without the stigma and criminalization, and I know I deserve better. But I’m not the one hit the hardest by whorephobia. I’m white, cis, from a middle-class background, work indoors, and don’t do full-service. I’m not the one usually targeted by police and rescue orgs and serial killers. Sex work, as an underground economy, attracts a lot of the most vulnerable from every marginalized group, and I am very much here for them as well.

What legislation do you think would be best to ensure sex workers have all the same rights as all other citizens?

I’m not particularly in favor of any legislation at this point. I think sex work should be fully decriminalized. If the state does need to be involved, it should regulate sex work via…

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