Soul Destruction Unforgivable High Res 368In the spring of 1997, Shelley Hansard, a call girl who tries to live by the Golden Rule, finds herself in a suite at The Lanesborough Hotel with a dead client. Her fear of becoming a murder suspect pushes her deeper into addiction. Heroin costs her more than money and crack induces psychosis – seeing and hearing people others can’t.

As an intravenous user, her desirability as a top London call girl is waning and the skills required to keep up her multiple personas are weakening. Among her few friends and what remains of her broken family, she struggles to maintain her wall of lies: Shelley’s Anti-Heroin Front friends, Nicole and Tara, don’t know she has a habit, and her Aunt Elsie and her recluse mother, Rita, believe she works in Foxtons estate agency.

After a cocaine binge over Easter weekend, Shelley meets with Nicole and Tara in Hampstead. During their conversation at The Magdala, Shelley is shocked to learn that one of the clients who raped her also raped them. With her friends, she plots revenge. But when she embroils Len, a heroin addict and small-time criminal who, unknowingly to her, is also taking a shot at something bigger, their attempt to stop the serial rapist is in jeopardy.

“Unforgivable, Unputdownable. Great characters you will walk beside from page one. Great story you will not want to end.” Sheila Quigley author of The Seahills series and The Holy Island trilogy.

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In Her Own Words... Interview with a London Call Girl - Book Cover 228x368

This short publication is the unedited transcript from a video interview I undertook with a woman working as a London call girl in the late 1990s. It is an enlightening and moving, firsthand account of a woman’s life affected by prostitution, exposing the emotional, psychological and social effects. I have made it available to download from Amazon, and as the woman interviewed, referred to as Q, is no longer alive, all royalties are donated to Beyond the Streets, a charity working to end sexual exploitation.

This charity publication and the cause is very close to my heart, more so because the woman I interviewed was a very dear friend, a wonderful person, and who had a traumatic life, suffering childhood sexual abuse and then being pimped on the streets from the age of fifteen.

The stigma some of society has against women in prostitution is mainly through lack of knowledge. 75% of women in prostitution have been sexually and physically abused as children, 70% have experienced multiple rapes, and 67% meet the criteria for posttraumatic stress disorder, which is a major cause of suicide.

“Read it because she sounds like an interesting person; because it will make you cry for her and admire her; and because she describes a slice of female experience that is all too common and all too little discussed.” The F-Word.

Available to download from Amazon UK for 77p, from Amazon US for $1.25, and from Amazon worldwide.


Life 368

Max’s criminal career has been going downhill since it began when he was sixteen on an armed robbery job with his father.

Now in his mid-forties, he’s spent more time in jail than on criminal endeavours and he’s back inside again.

It wasn’t another getaway driver driving away prematurely that’s landed him in jail this time though. No, this time it wasn’t someone else’s mistake. This time it was his…well, the crack.

He can’t actually remember doing what they said he did last week or why he did it and for that he could go down for life.

“Extremely powerful, raw dialogue, characters you just know are real, scarily believable… She writes like a British modern-day Elmore Leonard; every word is packed with force and gritty with the harsh reality of a life you only suspected existed.” Rob Horne, Amazon UK customer review.

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