In the Booth with Ruth – Aimee Galicia Torres, Anti-Human Trafficking Activist / Filmmaker / Non-Profit Founder

“I am a survivor of both sexual and domestic physical abuse, and I wanted to help be the voice for those who are too afraid to speak up,” says Aimee Galicia Torres, an anti-human trafficking activist and filmmaker, and the founder of non-profit, Majestic Dreams Foundation.

Ruth Jacobs

Aimee Galicia Torres

What inspired you to support the movement against human trafficking and make films about human trafficking and sexual exploitation?

I was inspired to support the movement against human trafficking by creating and starting a non-profit called The Majestic Dreams Foundation ( because I wanted to create awareness on all forms of abuse. Having been in the film industry for a little over eight years as an award-winning cinematographer, I decided to create a company that would embody and create films that make an impact, therefore, making a difference. I was featured on CNN’s Anderson 360, Al Jazeera English on my work on human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

One of the biggest things we can do to combat human trafficking and human exploitation is by shedding light and exposure on this topic. Using my connections and skills in the film industry, I am able to maximize and create exposure…

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