In the Booth with Ruth – Rebecca Mott, Exited Prostituted Woman and Abolitionist

Rebecca Mott entered into prostitution at the age of fourteen (75% of women involved in prostitution started as children). Now, decades later and exited, she is an abolitionist who shares openly about the torture and rape that was her norm. “We must speak in the language of human rights, and not the language of labour rights when speaking of prostitution. It is not ‘sex work’. It is slavery and torture.”

Ruth Jacobs

Rebecca Mott

How did you become involved in supporting the abolition of prostitution? 

I first started campaigning for abolition of prostitution after the murders of several prostitutes in Ipswich. That was very triggering for me, but at the time, I was unclear why. I was very angry, incessant with rage, for it seemed that the media is, and was, only interested in the murders of the prostituted when it is in connection with the sensation of a serial killer. When I started my blog, it was with unclear memories and feelings, and of knowing that most murdered prostituted women and girls are never recorded – they just vanish from existence. It is to those disappeared that my motivation to fight for abolition is founded on. I am sick of the vast majority of the prostituted being made into sub-human in life, and in death, being made to vanish.

I also became…

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