In the Booth with Ruth – Lynn Robertson, Anti-Human Trafficking Activist and Advocate

“I began to read about victims and survivors of sex trafficking and my heart broke,” says Lynn Robertson, an anti-human trafficking activist and advocate. “ Especially when I realised that children were being sold for sex – little girls and little boys sold globally for sex trafficking…. I rarely slept. I knew I had to try to do something to end the horror of this nightmare.”

Ruth Jacobs

Lynn Robertson

How did you become involved in the movement against sex trafficking and sexual exploitation?

I don’t have any deep answers to that. In fact, I’m going to be very honest and put my cards on the table about this. I was just looking to have fun when I discovered social media (Twitter and Facebook). Eventually, I happened upon Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore talking about human trafficking. Frankly, I thought they were very cool people and I wanted them to think I was cool. So, I started following them. As I continued to read their comments, I was led to survivors, victims, activists and groups working to end human trafficking. And I totally lost my heart to the victims, and to this cause. Once you lose your heart in this, there is no turning back. The number of estimated sex and labor trafficking victims globally is at least 21 million. This was…

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