Soul Destruction: Unforgivable – Trailer

Soul Destruction: Unforgivable – Trailer

Soul Destruction: Unforgivable

Enter the bleak existence of a call girl haunted by the atrocities of her childhood. In the spring of 1997, Shelley Hansard is a drug addict with a heroin habit and crack psychosis. Her desirability as a top London call girl is waning.

When her client dies in a suite at The Lanesborough Hotel, Shelley’s complex double-life is blasted deeper into chaos. In her psychotic state, the skills required to keep up her multiple personas are weakening. Amidst her few friends, and what remains of her broken family, she struggles to maintain her wall of lies.

During this tumultuous time, she is presented with an opportunity to take revenge on a client who raped her and her friends. But in her unbalanced state of mind, can she stop a serial rapist?


Soul Destruction: Unforgivable is released 29 April 2013. Available worldwide from all major online retailers in paperback and e-book. Pre-orders are available direct from Caffeine Nights.

My main Amazon author pages are UK here and US here.


Many thanks to Brian Parsons, Founder of Traffic Jam Canada, for allowing the use of his song, Just Us and Justice, and for creating this trailer, as well as being the man singing, drumming and playing guitar.

Personal Update

This is a personal message to the lovely people I feel honoured who are following my blog. Due to an increase in my PTSD symptoms, I’ve been unable to write new posts for Soul Destruction Diary, but hopefully that will change soon. I get ill like this with a major episode of either my bipolar or PTSD, or a mix of them both, about once a year. I always get better in the end, though sometimes it takes a couple of months or so.

The only way I’ve been feeling useful is by raising funds and awareness for Beyond the Streets, a charity that helps women exit prostitution. Some of you will already know that I have published on Amazon “In Her Own Words… Interview with a London Call Girl” from which all royalties are being donated to Beyond the Streets. It’s the transcription of a video interview I undertook with a London call girl for my research on prostitution in the late 1990s. She was a good friend and sadly, is no longer alive.

“In Her Own Words… Interview with a London Call Girl” is 77p to download from Amazon UK here and 99c to download from Amazon US here. It’s also available worldwide. It’s received a number of 5* reviews between the UK and US Amazon websites.

I’ve just made a trailer and thought I’d share it with you. If you’d like to share it on your blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or anywhere else, I’d be extremely grateful.

Thank you for bearing with me while I’ve been unwell.