Soul Destruction: Unforgivable Book Launch, 2 May 2013

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Goodreads Book Giveaway – Soul Destruction: Unforgivable

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Soul Destruction by Ruth Jacobs

Books Direct: “Soul Destruction: Unforgivable” by Ruth Jacobs – Interview and Giveaway

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Books Direct: You can read my 5-BD (the Books Direct equivalent of stars) review in my previous blog post. Today, I interview Ruth and give you the chance to win one of two eBook copies of Soul Destruction: Unforgivable in the giveaway below… Read the article here.

Books Direct: Review of Soul Destruction: Unforgivable & Excerpt of Chapter 3 – The Stranger, the Coke Can and the Futuristic Street Installation

SD-front smallBooks Direct: You can read my 5-BD (the Books Direct equivalent of stars) review below. I was privileged to receive an exclusive pre-release copy of the book to review. Also, be sure to read my next blog post, where I interview Ruth and give you the chance to enter the giveaway to win one of two eBook copies of Soul Destruction: Unforgivable.

Excerpt: Chapter 3 – The Stranger, the Coke Can and the Futuristic Street Installation

Shelley found herself squatting on the dirty floor of a public toilet in Camden Town, trying to avoid the sparkling streams of urine under the dim light. Twenty minutes earlier, she’d plucked a young man from the street. He’d been sitting on the pavement by the Tube station, begging, appearing to be homeless. She had a knack for picking them – the junkies – and she was rarely wrong.

She entrusted him with one-hundred and twenty pounds to score sixty brown and sixty white. He both scored and brought back the drugs – the latter not being a given when strangers score for strangers, especially when buying heroin and crack. With that action, sadly, he proved more reliable and perhaps more deserving of her trust than the majority of people with whom she associated.

Although in her cigarette packet she still had the crack from The Lanesborough, she needed more. And she needed the heroin to come down, but before coming down, she wanted to get as high as she knew how… To continue reading through to the end of Chapter 3 click here.

Interview With Ruth Jacobs, Author and Anti-Trafficking Activist

Interview on Bipolar for Life

Bipolar For Life

I’m excited to have a guest on board here at Bipolar For Life:  Ruth Jacobs, author of the upcoming best-selling novel series Soul Destruction.  Part one of the series, Soul Destruction: Unforgivable, will be released worldwide on April 29, 2013.

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Soul Survivor: Ruth’s gritty, hard-hitting novel features a more-or-less close-knit group of friends who have at least two things in common: drugs, and prostitution.  So what is this book doing on my blog, which tries its best to stay focused on mental health and child abuse issues?  Probably because this group of tough customers has more than just two things in common.

Let’s read a passage from Soul Destruction: Unforgivable, and then we can ask Ruth to help us understand.

Aunt Elsie made tea and they sat on their usual white stools at the white, plastic table in the kitchen. Elsie, as always, sat facing…

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Out Now! Soul Destruction: Unforgivable by Ruth Jacobs


SD-front border-1Soul Destruction: Unforgivable by Ruth Jacobs is released 29 April 2013. Available worldwide from all major online retailers in paperback and e-book. Pre-orders are available direct from Caffeine Nights

Soul Destruction: Unforgivable

Enter the bleak existence of a call girl haunted by the atrocities of her childhood. In the spring of 1997, Shelley Hansard is a drug addict with a heroin habit and crack psychosis. Her desirability as a top London call girl is waning.

When her client dies in a suite at The Lanesborough Hotel, Shelley’s complex double-life is blasted deeper into chaos. In her psychotic state, the skills required to keep up her multiple personas are weakening. Amidst her few friends, and what remains of her broken family, she struggles to maintain her wall of lies.

During this tumultuous time, she is presented with an opportunity to take revenge on a client who raped her and her friends. But…

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Pre-orders available for Soul Destruction: Unforgivable

Soul Destruction: Unforgivable

I am thrilled to announce that as of now, you can pre-order the paperback of Soul Destruction: Unforgivable from Caffeine Nights.