Chong Kim, a survivor of sex trafficking and an inspirational advocate, met with me this week while she was in London for the UK release of Eden, a film based on her real life story.

Ruth Jacobs

Eden is based on the real life story of sex trafficking survivor, Chong Kim, who was abducted at 19 years of age from Dallas, Texas. I met up with Chong in London to talk about the film and her life as a survivor and advocate.

Directed by Megan Griffiths
Starring Jamie Chung, Matt O’Leary and Beau Bridges

“Nothing short of gripping” – Indiewire
“Arrestingly suspenseful” – Variety
“Powerful” – Village Voice
“Breathtaking” – Austin Chronicle
“Brave, gritty, complex and suspenseful. Jamie Chung gives the best performance of her career.” NYC Movie Guru

“In the Booth with Ruth – Chong Kim” Produced by Matthew Lynch (

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4 thoughts on “Chong Kim, a survivor of sex trafficking, meets me in London to talk about Eden, the newly released film based on her life

  1. I just watched the film last night, which made for some interesting nightmares….
    Truly, how many girls were locked up in that “stable”? Chong Kim, did you actually make a dramatic escape like that, or how did you get out of there?

  2. I was wondering it there was an email address to message Chong Kim. I have some questions for her, personal questions that maybe she could give me some answers to. Thank you for your time and fr sharing your story…your courage is amazing.

  3. I watched Eden last night. My heart broke for these girls. Human trafficing is a world wide trade which is increasingly does one end it. Why has sex become such a perverse act? I am in awe of how you have turned this into a possitive thing in your life. Your bravery and tenacity are so inspiring. May god continue to bless you in everything you do. Jo

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