Soul Destruction: Unforgivable exposes the harsh reality of life for many women in prostitution – the psychological and emotional effects, the isolation, addiction, despair and abuse. In the media prostitution at the level of being a call girl has been glamorized. This book shows what often lies behind the glamour.

Soul Destruction Cover

Currently ranking at #4 in Crime in the US free Kindle store and at #10 in Thrillers in the UK.

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Available on Amazon worldwide.

If you don’t have a Kindle, you can download free Kindle apps for PCs, tablets and smartphones from Amazon UK here and from Amazon US here.

Also available in e-book from Caffeine Nights (£1.95), and in paperback from Caffeine Nights (£6.99), Amazon UK (£8.99) and Amazon US ($12.21).

“Unforgivable, Unputdownable. Great characters you will walk beside from page one. Great story you will not want to end.” Sheila Quigley author of The Seahills series and The Holy Island trilogy.

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