In the Booth with Ruth – Kate, Escort

Kate, a current escort, shares bravely from her heart, talking about times when she was attacked and raped and didn’t turn to the police. She is doing this to help others by showing why the Merseyside model of making all crimes against people in prostitution/sex work hate crimes must be made UK wide.

She says: “I would like to think that no matter which part of the spectrum you belong to – pro or anti, the actual health and safety of those working in the here and now would be uppermost. The Merseyside model should not be allowed to become part of the sex trade debate – it’s more important, more urgent than that. It should be a separate issue.”

Ruth Jacobs

Kate, Escort

How do you feel about the police?

Ambivalent, I suppose. In everyday life, were my car stolen I would contact them. If I saw someone committing a crime, I think I would contact them, and I watch the work they do under difficult circumstances here in my part of Ireland with some interest and sympathy for their difficult circumstances. But when it comes to my work, I view them with deep suspicion – I can’t deny that.

Would you say your feelings/trust in the police is influenced by being in the sex trade?

Undoubtedly, and especially as so much emphasis has fallen recently on the issue of human trafficking. That’s a good thing, where human trafficking is taking place, but I feel it has skewed their perception somewhat. And that’s not necessarily their fault. There are tremendous political pressures on the police to combat the issue. This is a highly…

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