Ruth Jacobs Speaks on Social Networks: The Good, The Bad and The Horrifying

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Published on The Social Network Station – 7 October 2013

What was your most astonishing experience on a social network?

The most horrific was discovering what was very obviously a large interconnected group of child sex abusers on Facebook. Being aware of Facebook’s inadequate policies and procedures, I reported this to law enforcement instead – the Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA) in the UK… I don’t believe this will ever leave me, and I doubt I will ever know what happened to those children, if they were saved, if the abusers were jailed, or even if anything was done at all. I only know I did what I could to reach the relevant authority, then I had no further choice but to leave it in their hands. Read the full article on The Social Network Station here.

In the Booth with Ruth – Holly Austin Smith, Survivor of Child Trafficking and Anti-Human Trafficking Advocate, Speaker and Author

“I was blown away…there was a name for what had happened to them – what had happened to me – human trafficking. Sex Trafficking… For nearly twenty years, I carried around this shameful secret about my past, a secret which led me to believe that I was dirty, that I was damaged goods. And it was a lie all along. I wished I had known that I was not unworthy. I was a survivor. I was a survivor of human trafficking.” Holly Austin Smith, child trafficking survivor and anti-human trafficking advocate, speaker and author, shares her story.

Ruth Jacobs

Holly Smith

How did you become involved in the movement against sex trafficking and sexual exploitation?

It was on a Friday or Saturday night in 2009 that I found myself home alone with the television remote. Ben, my fiancé, was out with a friend, and I was pouring wine and baking brownies to celebrate having the apartment to myself. I’d been working long hours at my full-time job, and I needed a night in.

I flopped on the couch and flipped through television channels. Maybe I watched a movie or a couple of sitcoms before coming across a documentary about human trafficking overseas. I can’t remember which station it was on (possibly HBO), but it was about this woman who was a survivor of human trafficking (in India, I think), and she worked to rescue other young girls from the local brothels.

There was one girl in particular who was being sold…

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