Brit Grit Alley – Ruth Jacobs interviewed by Paul D. Brazill

Out of the Gutter

Published on Out of the Gutter Online – 10 July 2013

Brit Grit Alley features news and updates on what’s happening down British crime fiction’s booze and blood soaked alleyways. Read the interview here.

Staying Safe: The Merseyside Model – Ruth Jacobs interviewed on Policing Today (Part 1)

Ruth Jacobs 2012(5)

Published on Policing Today – 10 July 2013

In the first part of an exclusive interview, Policing Today talks to author and campaigner Ruth Jacobs about the efforts being made by the Service to keep sex workers safe in Merseyside, and why violence against those in prostitution should be viewed as a hate crime. Read the full article on Policing Today here.

The Merseyside Model Saves Lives – so why is it not being rolled out nationally?

Merseyside hate crime impolite conversation

Published on Impolite Conversation – 8 July 2013

Not making the hate crime approach the national standard for people in prostitution is a hate crime in itself while women are being beaten, raped and murdered as the state looks the other way… If a particular policing approach was known to be achieving a 67% conviction rate for those who rape people in society in general, and yet it was only being used in one part of the country, there would be public uproar… Read the full article on Impolite Conversation here.