Soul Destruction

Soul Destruction is a series of novels written by Ruth Jacobs, exposing the dark world and the harsh reality of life as a drug addicted call girl. The first book, Soul Destruction: Unforgivable, was released in April 2013 by Caffeine Nights. The story follows Shelley Hansard, a crack psychotic, heroin addicted, London call girl who gets the opportunity to take revenge on a client who raped her and her friends.

Soul Destruction Unforgivable packshotIn the spring of 1997, Shelley Hansard, a call girl who tries to live by the Golden Rule, finds herself in a suite at The Lanesborough Hotel with a dead client. Her fear of becoming a murder suspect pushes her deeper into addiction. Heroin costs her more than money and crack induces psychosis – seeing and hearing people others can’t.

As an intravenous user, her desirability as a top London call girl is waning and the skills required to keep up her multiple personas are weakening. Among her few friends and what remains of her broken family, she struggles to maintain her wall of lies: Shelley’s Anti-Heroin Front friends, Nicole and Tara, don’t know she has a habit, and her Aunt Elsie and her recluse mother, Rita, believe she works in Foxtons estate agency.

After a cocaine binge over Easter weekend, Shelley meets with Nicole and Tara in Hampstead. During their conversation at The Magdala, Shelley is shocked to learn that one of the clients who raped her also raped them. With her friends, she plots revenge. But when she embroils Len, a heroin addict and small-time criminal who, unknowingly to her, is also taking a shot at something bigger, their attempt to stop the serial rapist is in jeopardy.

“Unforgivable, Unputdownable. Great characters you will walk beside from page one. Great story you will not want to end.” Sheila Quigley author of The Seahills series and The Holy Island trilogy.

Soul Destruction: Unforgivable can be downloaded for £1.82 on Kindle from Amazon UK and $2.96 from Amazon US.

Other eBook purchasing options include online retailers Apple (£1.99), Barnes & Noble ($2.99) and Caffeine Nights Publishing (£1.50).

In paperback Soul Destruction: Unforgivable can be bought online from Caffeine Nights Publishing (£7.99), Amazon UK (£8.72), Amazon US ($12.62) and Barnes & Noble ($13.62).

Soul Destruction: Unforgivable can also be ordered in person from any bookshop.

30 thoughts on “Soul Destruction

  1. I just happened to come across this blog, I am looking forward to reading it through. Thank you so much for sharing your story. I understand this adult industry all to well. I m glad to find you. my best to you.

  2. This is a topic which is very close to me. Thanks for taking a caring,believing & sensitive approach to this topic rather than the all too common salacious and sensationalist tone,which invariably does more harm than anything else. Again,thanks for your compassion & please keep up the good work!

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