In the Booth with Ruth – Anne Bissell, Sex Trafficking Survivor, Author, Executive Director Voices for Justice/Silver Braid

“We believe that sexual violence, under the Department of Justice Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) needs to include the three aspects of sexual violence. We use the silver braid to represent these types, domestic violence, sexual assault, and sexual exploitation (prostitution and trafficking).” Anne Bissell, Sex Trafficking Survivor, Author, Executive Director of Voices for Justice/Silver Braid.

Ruth Jacobs

Anne Bissell, Silver Braid

How did you become involved in supporting the abolition of prostitution?

When my book, Memoirs of a Sex Industry Survivor, came out in 2004, I found myself on the frontline regarding issues of child sex trafficking and the commercialized sexual exploitation of children.  Towards this end, I have worked for many years to create a strategy, which I call Operation Silver Braid.

What draws you to support and advocate for people in prostitution?

I am a survivor of prostitution, the sex industry, and trafficking. My heart has been with bringing sympathy for survivors since 1997.

What does your work in this area involve?

Under the charity of which I am the executive director, Voices for Justice, we set up a first point of contact with the Operation Silver Braid Strategy. We have a helpline and receive calls nationwide. We attempt to work with clergy, pastors, correctional officers, parents, and survivors to set…

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