In the Booth with Ruth – Mary David, Anti-Human Trafficking Activist, Motivational Speaker, Model, Former UN Advisor, Miss Wyoming United States

Mary David is an anti-human trafficking activist who has helped draft legislation in Maryland to strengthen anti-trafficking laws. She has testified before the Washington, D.C. City Council on human trafficking legislation. And she has held the post of Deputy Chair of Public Awareness for the Maryland Human Trafficking Task Force. For the UN, she was an Advisor to the Ambassador of East Timor. She is also a motivational speaker, a model, and is currently using her position as Miss Wyoming, United States to raise awareness of human trafficking.

Ruth Jacobs

Mary David

How did you become involved in the movement against human trafficking?

I learned firsthand about human trafficking from survivors in Cyprus. I went on a study abroad program in college and met enslaved workers who had been tricked to come into the country. Their stories of beatings, rape, house arrest, threats on their lives and family members – they horrified me and broke my heart. As soon as I met the victims, I wanted to help.

What draws you to support people who are trafficked and sexually exploited?

The cruelty and gruesomeness of taking away someone’s freedom, dignity, and innocence makes me more angry than I can put into words. I have always been drawn to underserved groups and advocating for exploited people. When I meet survivors and hear what they have gone through but then also see how strong they are despite what they have endured, I can’t help…

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