In the Booth with Ruth – Delores Day, Child Trafficking Survivor and Anti-Human Trafficking Advocate

“On my sixteenth birthday, my father sold me to his best friend,” says Delores Day, an anti-human trafficking advocate. “In the end, he was my pimp… I was still naive enough not to know this was trafficking. I just knew I had to get out…”

Ruth Jacobs

Delores Day

How did you become involved in the movement against sex trafficking and sexual exploitation?

I’ve been on Facebook for quite some time but in the beginning, it was mostly to play games. I didn’t see anything else that interested me at the time. Then my daughter was abused by her now ex-husband. She somehow stumbled upon a Facebook page called The Sisterhood. I noticed on that page many hurting women who’d been battered and abused. My daughter’s story was on their discussion page. God, it hurt me to the bone of how he truly hurt her, and how my granddaughter was the witness of it all. That’s when my daughter knew she had to leave and she did. She was so brave. So, I would go in there once in a while to help console some of them and give them little words of wisdom I’ve learned in my years of life. The creator…

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