In the Booth with Ruth – Natasha Sandy, Ally to Victims of Sex Trafficking & Sexual Exploitation

“The sex trade is soul destroying for the vast majority of those in it and it has to go,” says Natasha Sandy, an ally to the prostitution/sex slavery trade abolition movement. “Listening to and letting survivor voices shape our actions is critical because these people are the ultimate experts and authorities on the subject.”

Ruth Jacobs

Natasha Sandy

How did you become involved in supporting the abolition of prostitution?

By coming across sex trade survivors’ blogs – reading these blogs was and continues to be a mind-blowing, opening, altering experience and some of the best and most intense education I’ve had in my life. It leaves no doubt in my heart that the sex trade is soul destroying for the vast majority of those in it and it has to go.

What draws you to support people who are prostituted? 

Survivor voices deeply touch my heart and my sense of humanity. There’s no way I can sit idly by knowing the horrors endured inside the sex trade and the deep bio-psycho-social-spiritual wounds it creates. I like, respect, and want to be part of a movement that cares about the well-being of a population that society dismisses and deems disposable, because nobody is disposable. The massive ignorance around, and ignoring of, the prostituted is…

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