In the Booth with Ruth – Sheila Quigley, Author and Ally of Human Trafficking Victims

International bestselling author and ally to victims of human trafficking, Shelia Quigley, talks about sex trafficking and in particular, her bestselling novel, Run for Home.

Ruth Jacobs

Sheila Quigley

What inspired you to write about human trafficking and sexual exploitation?

The idea came from pieces I’d read over the years, and I hope my novels have taught some girls and women not to be so trusting when dealing with strange men. Always remember though, the shoe can be on the other foot. I think the best fiction has a fact basis; this is how people are able to put themselves in the characters lives and become involved. They are happy when the character is happy, sad, and sometimes frightened.

Can you describe the storyline of your novel about human trafficking and sexual exploitation?

My first novel, Run for Home, is about a family living on what some people call a sink estate. Thirteen-year-old Claire is enticed away by the delectable Brad, thinking she is going to be part of a film. He leads her to the docks where…

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