In the Booth with Ruth – Jill Starling, Author of St. Agnes’ Place – a novel about child sex trafficking

Author, Jill Starling, shares about her encounter with Rob Morris, co-founder of Love146, which is what inspired her to write her debut novel about child sex trafficking, St. Agnes’ Place. She explains the research involved, discusses her writing life, and recommends a documentary with Rachel Lloyd, founder of GEMS: Girls Educational & Mentoring Services, revealing the life saving and life changing work they do.

Ruth Jacobs

Jill Landers-Lieberman

What inspired you to write about human trafficking and sexual exploitation?

Many years ago, Rob Morris, co-founder of Love146, a non-profit international organization that fights child sex trafficking, spoke at my church. What he said struck a chord in me; I couldn’t believe how in this day and age, children were put on display to purchase for one’s sick perversion. When I decided to write my novel, I wanted to bring attention to this awful epidemic that is occurring in other parts of the world. Once I started researching, I learned that it was happening just as much here in the United States, in our own backyard!

What research did you have to undertake before writing the book? How did you go about that and what was entailed?

I spent months reading books, magazine articles, and anything else I could get my hands on which spoke about child sex trafficking…

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