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Chong Kim, a survivor of sex trafficking and an inspirational advocate, met with me this week while she was in London for the UK release of Eden, a film based on her real life story.

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Eden is based on the real life story of sex trafficking survivor, Chong Kim, who was abducted at 19 years of age from Dallas, Texas. I met up with Chong in London to talk about the film and her life as a survivor and advocate.

Directed by Megan Griffiths
Starring Jamie Chung, Matt O’Leary and Beau Bridges

“Nothing short of gripping” – Indiewire
“Arrestingly suspenseful” – Variety
“Powerful” – Village Voice
“Breathtaking” – Austin Chronicle
“Brave, gritty, complex and suspenseful. Jamie Chung gives the best performance of her career.” NYC Movie Guru

“In the Booth with Ruth – Chong Kim” Produced by Matthew Lynch (

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4 thoughts on “Chong Kim, a survivor of sex trafficking, meets me in London to talk about Eden, the newly released film based on her life

  1. I just watched the film last night, which made for some interesting nightmares….
    Truly, how many girls were locked up in that “stable”? Chong Kim, did you actually make a dramatic escape like that, or how did you get out of there?

  2. I was wondering it there was an email address to message Chong Kim. I have some questions for her, personal questions that maybe she could give me some answers to. Thank you for your time and fr sharing your story…your courage is amazing.

  3. I watched Eden last night. My heart broke for these girls. Human trafficing is a world wide trade which is increasingly does one end it. Why has sex become such a perverse act? I am in awe of how you have turned this into a possitive thing in your life. Your bravery and tenacity are so inspiring. May god continue to bless you in everything you do. Jo

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